Writing is closely linked with the development of reading skills and is highly valued at our school. Our staff agree that we are aiming for the same endpoint - children who write clearly, accurately and coherently for a wide range of purposes.  We aim for our children to develop good handwriting using accurate spelling.  Our choice of high quality texts and opportunities for first hand experiences is designed to inspire our cohort of children to want to compose stories and ideas, both orally and in writing. 

All staff have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high quality teaching of writing.  Drawing on their growing reading skills we …

  • immerse our children in our high quality texts and encourage each child to believe in themselves as authors
  • ensure children use and apply their phonic knowledge in their writing
  • ensure there are opportunities for writing in all areas of the curriculum
  • ensure that the children write for a real purpose and reason
  • teach the children how to proof-read and check their writing makes sense and then, in Year 2,  how to make revisions and additions so they can improve their writing
  • expect the teacher’s own speaking, listening, writing and reading of English to support the development of children's language and vocabulary.

Important Documents

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