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Thornhill Lees CE (VC) Infant And Nursery School

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Welcome to the Governor’s page!

As Chair of Governors, I am delighted to welcome you to the Governor’s section for the Federation of Savile Town CE (C) I & N and Thornhill Lees (VC) I & N School websites.

We have an involved and active Federated Governing Body who work very closely with Mrs Douglas and all the staff in the schools.  At the heart of the Governing Body ethos is the education, development and well-being of our children and staff; that each and every person in school may achieve their full potential and the education and safety of every child matters.

School Governors are one of the largest voluntary organisations in the country. A school governor is often referred to as a ‘critical friend’ providing support and challenge to the Headteacher in managing the school. Essentially they are responsible, in collaboration with the head teacher, for managing the effectiveness of the school.

The law requires governing bodies and for the governing body to fulfil 3 core functions:

-  ensure the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined, including reviewing and agreeing policies written by the school;

- ensure the Headteacher performs his/her responsibilities for the education performance of the school;

- ensure the sound, correct and effective use of the school’s financial resources.


Governors are not responsible for:

- the internal organisation, management and control of the school;

 - the educational performance of the school.

These are the responsibility of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and the governors offer support and advice to the Headteacher, drawing on knowledge and experience from outside the school.

Governors are appointed for a 4 year term. Each governor volunteers and undertakes their duties in accordance with the governor code of conduct.

The Governors of the federaton are thrilled the schools are recognised as ‘good’ (Savile Town, October 2017) and (Thornhill Lees, June 2018) – a tremendous achievement by everyone involved. As a Governing Body, we are working alongside the SLT to build on this success and commit to a plan of improvement for the learning outcomes of all our pupils in which we aspire to become ‘outstanding’.


There are 17 governors at of the Federation:

1 LA Governor appointed by Kirklees Council;

1 staff;

10 Co-opted;

2 Parent governors;

1 Community governor;

1 Foundation Diocesan;

1 Foundation (Ex-officio).


We are always keen to hear from anyone who has questions or feedback. Governors can be contacted via the school office.

Full governing body meetings of the Federated governing body are held once every half term. Our Resources Committee meetings and Standards and Effectiveness Committee meetings gather alternatively.


Kind regards,

Kate Allen

Chair of Governor

The Federation Governing Body of Savile Town CE (VC) I & N School and Thornhill Lees CE (VC) I &N School

Chair of Governors: Miss Kate Allen

Vice Chair of Governors: Miss Mariyam Sharif


Appointment                           Governor Type                        Start Date                    End Date        


Mrs Debbie Douglas               Headteacher                           1st Oct 2018    

Miss Kate Allen                       LA Representative                   1st Oct 2018                 30 Sep 2022

Miss Mariyam Sharif               Community Governor             8th Oct 2018                7th Oct 2022

Miss Kirsty Asquith                 Teacher Representative          1st Oct 2018                 30 Sep 2022   

Miss Debra Roberts                Support Staff Governor          8th Oct 2018                7th Oct 2022   

Mrs Rev Ann Pollard               Foundation Governor             1st Oct 2018                 30 Sep 2022   

Mrs Sabeha Patel                    Parent Governor                     1st Oct 2018                 30 Sep 2022   

Ms Shona Cavanagh              Co-opted                                  8th Oct 2018                7th Oct 2022

Ms Sylvia Dudding                  Foundation-Diocesan             8th Oct 2018                7th Oct 2022   

Mrs Alexandrina Mocanu       Parent Governor                     21st Mar 2019             20 Mar 2023

Mrs Kirsty Quinn                     Associated Governor                         

Mrs Jane Lord                         Observer      



Mr Geoff Billing                       Staff Governor                        8th Oct 2018                28th Apr 2019

Mrs Gwyneth Brooke              Foundation PCC Governor    1st Oct 2018                20th Sep 2019

Miss Kari Fry                           Co-opted Staff                       8th Oct 2018               23rd Sep 2019             


 Full Governing Body Minutes 18th June 2019.pdfDownload
 Full Governing Body Minutes 8th October 2018.pdfDownload
 Full Governing Body Minutes 9th April 2019.pdfDownload
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 Governors General Information 2018-2019.pdfDownload
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