Year 2


We have three classes within our year group.

The Year Two Team are as follows:

Neptune Class – Mrs McNulty (Year Group Lead), Mrs Pearson, Mrs Rafiq (CSA).

Jupiter Class - Ms Nazir (Teacher) and Mrs Zafer (HLTA)

Saturn Class - Mrs Rasul (Teacher) and Mrs Nyhen (CSA)

SEN Support Staff: Mrs Bhaiji, Mrs Sacha

As the children move into Year 2, their final year in Key Stage 1, we continue to encourage and develop the independent skills they have previously acquired.  We revisit, build upon and extend the children in their learning following the National Curriculum produced by the Department For Education (DfE) which sets out the Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets.  The subjects taught are: 

  • Core subjects: English, Maths and Science
  • Foundation subjects: Art and Design Technology, Computing, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, and Relationships, Personal, Health and Social Education.

Our curriculum in Year Two is topic based, however the subjects are explicitly taught.  Topics have been planned to ensure progression of knowledge and skills, allowing pupils to develop strong connections.  In turn, this ensures they 'remember more', 'know more' and can 'do more'.  We strive to ensure children continually revisit and retrieve what they have learnt in order to improve their long-term memory in all areas of the curriculum.


We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which builds upon your child's abilities through direct teaching, first hand experiences, independent learning, practical activities, as well as paired and group activities. 


If you have any questions please speak to myself Mrs McNulty as Year 2 Lead or your child's class teacher.  We are always very happy to help and we look forward to working with you as we extremely value the partnership we have between home and school.


Important Documents

Please click here for the Information booklet for Year 2.




Other key information and resources for Year 2

year-2-maths-overview.docx .docx
end-of-year-expectations-in-english-for-year-2.docx .docx
year-2-grammar.docx .docx
spelling-lists-for-years-1-and-2-1-.pdf .pdf
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