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Please have a look at the slide below which shows what we are teaching and learning about this half term.



At Thornhill Lees we currently teach PSHE through Jigsaw:

Please see the slideshow below for more information about Jigsaw in school:

Helping inform and share with our school community about what and how we are learning in our PSHE curriculum is vital.  Here we invite you to get to know more about Jigsaw PSHE at Thornhill Lees CE (VC) Infant and Nursery school.

Jigsaw PSHE at Thornhill Lees

Here we invite you to view some example lessons of Jigsaw PSHE in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Please click on the images below to see them in full size.

These lesson plans are taken from the Jigsaw PSHE programme of study.  Year group leaders and class teachers will use some, or all, of the content to form the basis of weekly PSHE lessons.


Being Me in My World (Autumn 1)

Piece 1


Relationship Day - June 2021

As part of our Relationship Education at Thornhill Lees we will be celebrating Friendships on 24th June.  For more details about the day and the activities planned please view the slides below:



Safer Internet Awareness

We take part in 'Safer Internet Day' each year, in addition to having internet safety in our curriculum, to ensure the children understand how to stay safe when using the internet and electronic devices.



Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 took place from 1-7 February. This year’s theme was Express

Yourself and England was in lockdown. As part of our home learning the children at Thornhill

Lees were invite to take part in these activities to encourage self expression.



We encourage healthy eating at school and at home!

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Health Education:

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Basic First Aid:

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Mental Health & Wellbeing:



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Talking Mental Health


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Relationship Education:

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