At Thornhill Lees we see teaching for Mastery in Maths as allowing our children to gain a deep understanding of Maths, allowing them to acquire a secure and long-term understanding of Maths that allows them to make continual progress to move onto more complex topics.

We believe that everyone can do Maths and that it is a subject that everyone can and should be able to perform confidently and competently in a supportive and encouraging learning environment.  We aim to teach our children that it's OK to make mistakes and in fact, that's how we learn.

We choose to teach by breaking down Maths objectives into smaller steps so that every child is secure in every new concept before moving on.  We focus on teaching for fluency, reasoning and problem solving through as many real life and in the moment scenarios as we can to truly bring Mathematics to life!


To ensure our teaching and learning in Maths is of a high standard, we follow the White Rose Maths schemes of work as well as NCETM materials . Our teachers are highly skilled in using these scheme as a starting point for planning but then using their own assessment knowledge to ensure all learning is pitched correctly for their children.  White Rose Maths aims to build confidence, resilience and a passion for Maths, showing children that maths is an exciting adventure and that EVERYONE can enjoy, value and master maths skills. The NCETM documents ensure our teachers are equipped with deepened subject knowledge and gives pupils the best chance of building secure mathematical knowledge, the materials also help to inform our enhanced approach to teaching mathematical concepts.  


Important Documents

Please click here for our Maths in a Nutshell Information Page.

Please click here for our Maths Policy. 

Please click here for our Progression in Maths Curriculum document.

Please click here for our Maths Vocabulary Progression document.


End of year expectations for all year groups in Maths:

end-of-year-expectations-in-maths-for-nursery.pdf .pdf
eoy-expectations-in-rec-revised-elgs-inc.pdf .pdf
end-of-year-expectations-in-maths-for-year-one.pdf .pdf
end-of-year-expectations-in-maths-for-year-two.pdf .pdf

Useful Maths Websites:


Home Learning Activities:


Other useful resources:

number-formation-0to9.pdf .pdf
blank-ten-frame.pdf .pdf
ten-frame-flash-cards-filled-in.pdf .pdf
progression-in-number-bonds.pdf .pdf
100-square.pdf .pdf
number-formation-strip-to-20.pdf .pdf
blank-100-square.pdf .pdf
number-cards-with-words.pdf .pdf
0-30-number-line.pdf .pdf
number-bonds-to-10-rainbows.pptx .pptx