Reading with your Child.

Tips for reading with children of any age

  • Set aside some time - Find somewhere quiet without any distractions - turn off the TV/radio/computer.  
  • Ask your child to choose a book - Sharing books they have chosen shows you care what they think and that their opinion matters. This means they are more likely to engage with the book. 
  • Sit close together - Encourage your child to hold the book themselves and/or turn the pages. 
  • Point to the pictures - If there are illustrations, relate them to something your child knows. Ask them to describe the characters or situation or what will happen next. Encourage them to tell you the story by looking at the pictures.  
  • Encourage your child to talk about the book - Talking about the characters and their dilemmas helps children understand relationships and is an excellent way for you to get to know each other or discuss difficult issues. Give your child plenty of time to respond. Ask them what will happen next, how a character might be feeling or how the book makes them feel. 
  • And lastly, above all - make it fun! It doesn't matter how you read with a child, as long as you both enjoy the time together. Don't be afraid to use funny voices - children love this!

Please see the parents guide about reading at home with your child.


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