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Head Teacher: Mrs Margaret Hissett

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Kirsty Quinn


SENCo: Mrs D Burman

Leader of Teaching and Learning in the Early Years: Mr G Billing

Leader of Teaching and Learning in Key Stage 1: Ms A Loonat


Two Year Old Provision

Teachers: Miss A Wilby (Year Group Leader) & Mrs K Gratino 

Support Staff: Mrs S Hardy, Mrs A Sacha, Mrs S Salik & Miss N Illahi



Teachers: Miss L Fellowes (Year Group Leader) & Mrs K Gratino

Support Staff: Miss C Stott, Mrs T Rahim & Mrs T Patel



Teachers: Mr G Billing (Year Group Leader), Mr L Williams, Mrs K Fry-Blenard, Mrs K Gratino 

Support Staff: Mrs P Ryan, Mrs A Mahmood, Mrs F Essat, Miss N Dabhad


Year 1

Teachers: Ms A Loonat (Year Group Leader), Mrs J Oakes, Mrs E Pearson, Mrs K Logan, Mrs G Hague

Support Staff: Mrs N Zafer, Mrs F Ravat, Mrs H Moosa, Mrs F Chinchangiri


Year 2

Teachers: Mrs S McNulty (Year Group Leader), Mrs K Hardcastle, Mrs T Rasul, Mrs F Aleem

Support Staff: Mrs A Rafiq, Miss S Sidat 



Mrs H Roberts, Mrs A Cox, Mrs M Bhaiji, Mrs R Nadeem, Mrs S Koser, Mrs R Mohmed, Miss S Mear


Office Staff

Advanced School Business Manager: Mrs J Lord

Advanced Business Support Officer: Mrs J Wood

Senior Business Support Officer: Mrs S Shaikh

Business Support Manager: Mrs S Patel


Caretaker: Mr Luke Watson 


Lunch Time Supervisors

Mrs J Robinson, Mrs S Patel, Mrs A Ukadia, Mrs S Githroo, Mrs S Amin, Mrs H Sacha, Mrs A Mumbaiwala, Mrs A Ahmed, Mrs S Bibi