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Year 2 Blog

January 2019

On the Tanzania WOW Day we had a Water Challenge!  We had to collect our own drinking water for the day and carry it back to the classroom.  It was really hard work.  We researched an artist from Tanzania who was later known as Tingatinga.  He enjoyed painting animals but what made them unique was that Tingatinga changed their colours!  So rather than a golden and brown giraffe, his giraffe was black with white spots all over its body!  We had a wonderful day painting and drawing.

The children have really enjoyed learning about Rainforests and the different layers that make them up. The children created their own creative Rainforests in class, which involved them researching what animals, insects, plants etc live in each layer. They then drew these and added them to the correct layer of the Rainforest.

Autumn 2 - This half term we are learning all about Africa!  In Art we have designed and made our very own t-shirt using African patterns.  We had a fabulous morning with our parents who came to school to help us!

In Term 1A our topic was all about Keeping Healthy!  In Science we were busy learning all about how we can keep healthy including eating a balanced diet and we also found out that doing daily exercise was really good for our body!  In Humanities we learnt all about Florence Nightingale who was a significant person in history as she is one of the main reasons why our hospitals today are so clean!  We designed and made our very own lamp as Florence was also named 'The Lady with the Lamp'.  In RE we thought about what special rules Christians and Muslims follow and we made our very own Five Pillars of Islam!