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Nursery Blog

December 2018 

Whilst one of the grown ups in Nursery, was reading a story the other day, we all noticed that the reading corner was in the noisy room! It's not very easy to listen to a story when someone is playing the piano or banging a hammer. So we talked to the children and they suggested we swap the brick area and the reading area around. So we did! It might take a little while to get everything right but we are all looking forward to reading stories in the quieter room.



November 2018

In Nursery we have been working really hard, learning how to use all the different resources, how to make friends, how to take turns and everything in between!  The teachers have enjoyed having focus children in their observations and we hope those of you that have seen those observations and have enjoyed reading them.  If your child hasn't been chosen yet they will this half term!  We are very impressed with all the children and proud of the progress they are making.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the motion picture event of the year...THE NURSERY NATIVITY! Coming to a projector in the hall near you!