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Terrific Twos

Welcome to our Two Year Old blog!

Have a look at all the fantastic things that we have doing! 

Fruit Tasting

As part of our topic on colours, the children enjoyed reading the book, Kitchen Disco.  At grouptime we talked about the different fruit, the different colours that we could see and which fruit was our favourite.  We finished our grouptime by tasting the different fruit that featured in the story.

We liked some fruit better than others.


Diwali WOW Day

 As part of the whole school celebration of Diwali, the children enjoyed making their own roti.  

In small groups, the children helped to mix and then roll out their roti dough, before watching the adults cook it.

At snack time, the children enjoyed eating their roti.

World Nursery Rhyme Challenge.

 The children loved learning 5 new nursery rhymes as part of our World Nursery Rhyme Challenge.  Over a two week period, we learnt different nursery rhymes and practised playing the claves as we sang.

We then invited the parents in to nursery and performed the nursery rhymes for them. 

Well Done to all the children for their hard work!!

A Surprise Visit from Santa

The children had a surprise visit from Santa today.  They loved seeing him and enjoyed singing their favourite Christmas songs for him.  

Before he left, Santa gave each child a Christmas present, which they got to take home.

Thank you, Santa!

Class of January 2017

 Its come to that time of year, when we have to say goodbye to our oldest children, before they move onto 'big nursery'. 

As a celebration of all their great development and progress, we held a graduation for them. 

Well Done Everyone!! 

Hey Diddles

As part of our Christmas celebrations, the children from Two Year Olds, Nursery and Reception, enjoyed the Christmas show by the Hey Diddles.  The children sang and danced their way through the show and enjoyed learning new songs too.